Saturday April 12, French artist FUZI UVTPK will tattoo at Wood Wood in Copenhagen. For the occasion FUZI UVTPK and Wood Wood have created two leather wallets each in an edition of 33, which will feature FUZI's Ignorant Style designs stamped in gold foil.

FUZI is a veteran writer, who dominated the trains and subway of Paris for more than a decade, and developed a form of graffiti known as Ignorant Style. In 2005, he took his Ignorant Style-art to people's skin, and has since developed an international following.

FUZI will tattoo on Saturday April 12 at Wood Wood Copenhagen from 11-19.

The event is open to the public, and the limited-edition wallets will be available to purchase. However, appointments are required for tattoos. E-mail contact@fuzi-uvtpk.com for an appointment.


In Berlin, Aarhus, Copenhagen and online we now have the iconic Nike Free featuring an up to date Free sole while resembling the original design of the Free 5.0 for sale in a number of different colourways.

Mens here, women's here.


Shane Connolly aka. Shamos, Creative Director of the London based NTS Radio, started Dj'ing when he was around the age of 15, and entered the London pirate radio circuit and played at a lot of the early grime parties. We are happy to bring Shane to the mix and corresponding hereto we had the chance to talk to him about NTS and the current state of the London scene. Check the Q&A below.

Wood Wood: Thanks for taking the time to create a mix for Muzak. You must be busy preparing for your 3 year birthday party at Corsica Studios on Saturday April 5th. Can you tell us how NTS has developed since it's beginning?

Shane: My pleasure, thanks for asking me! Yeah we're just getting the last bits together for Saturday - I think it's going to be our best birthday celebration we've had so far. NTS has developed hugely since we started. I remember talking with Femi (the founder) about the idea he had of setting up an online radio station and the ideas were pretty loose, but the general ethos and integrity of what it stands for is exactly the same today. We are so busy now with guests of such a high caliber coming in to the studio on a daily basis and broadcasting from all over the world so regularly now, which wasn't the case when we first started. But even with this happening we still have our community of hosts: some who have been here since the beginning and some who are unknown. For us the main thing is that we make sure our programming is the best in whatever it may be, from lo-fi bedroom music to high-energy club music.

Wood Wood: Pirate Radio has a long and strong history in London. How do you feel this has influenced NTS?

Shane: Pirate radio has influenced us massively. We all grew up in London so pirate radio was one of the main ways of listening to and finding out about new music growing up. Even the way we operate as a radio station - the studio set-up, hosts paying subs for their slot... It's pretty much identical to old pirate station models. Although, with the way we have expanded, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes to keep it running...

Wood Wood: The music scene never seems to stand still in London with new genres emerging faster here than in any other part of the world, is there anything going on at the moment we should know about?

Shane: Right now FunkinEven's label Apron Records doing it for me. He's put out a lot of his own releases, put out Greg Beato's first record and has just released a killer E.P by LA artist Seven Davis Junior. He's also got some very serious stuff coming from some other very talented London producers, so keep an ear out... Other than that, I'm really liking the London-New York crossover that's happening, Future Brown being a good example.

Wood Wood: You say yourself that NTS is more than a radio station. Could you expand on the meaning hereof and what other project we can expect from you guys in the future?
Shane: Since we started we've always tried to do interesting projects outside of just programming radio - stuff like the collaboration we did with ISYS where we curated a bespoke soundtrack from upcoming artists to accompany specially made films that was shown at the Tate. Our main project at the moment is our partnership with the ICA - we have been asked to curate 6 events at the space which we have called "Parallel Visions", where we invite one musician to curate an installation based on the current exhibition that is accompanied by live music performances by some of their favourite artists. The Next PV is on 30th April and is with Dean Blunt which I'm pretty excited about.

Wood Wood: Thanks for the talk and the mix. Happy Birthday and have fun at the party Saturday.


For Consortium SS14, two of streetwear’s most prolific brands and long term adidas partners, Neighborhood and Undefeated, finally come together to produce a collection of luxurious, blacked-out wares.

UNDFTD’s fashion-forward athletic approach is perfectly translated through the choice of two very different shoe models, the Micropacer and Official Mid 80s, whilst NBHD’s premium-cut nature and use of bold graphics is reflected on the uppers. Amidst the bridle leather and full nap suede lies a bold bold triple branding, showcasing UNDFTD’’s iconic Five-Strike logo and

NBHD’s skull and crossbones motif within a tongue label that pays homage to the vintage years of adidas France.
Alongside the footwear, the collection includes two t-shirts, one black and one white, featuring bold branding across the chest.

The UNDFTD x NBHD Consortium pack will be available from April 19th at Wood Wood stores.


The adidas +0– collection is a capsule of technical garments for life in the city. The clothing is developed function-first, with urban exploration as its key motivation.

Releases in W.W. Copenhagen, Berlin, Aarhus and online Saturday March 29th.

+0- Jacket
This jacket is designed for maximized protection and durability and is constructed with a 3-layer fabric. The material is made with a storm-finished soft cotton outer shell bonded to a moisture-wicking membrane, which allows the garment to be both water-resistant and breathable. The outer layer of the jacket is woven with a satin technique, which deepens the rich navy color and provides a unique tactile experience.

+0- Pant
The Spring Summer 2014 +o–Pant utilizes a layered material, incorporating adidas’ proprietary CoolmaxTM technology into the pant’s double-sided stretch fabric. This material moves perspiration away from the body
so that it can evaporate quickly, and a 3xdryTM fabric treatment minimizes stains while repelling water.

+0- Energy Boost

The +o– interpretation of the adidas Energy Boost combines the materials and color palettes of the clothing collection with adidas’ most technically advanced and comfortable midsole.

+0- Tote Bag
This backpack/tote hybrid bag is designed for freedom of use. The premium leather straps can be worn over the shoulder during activity, and can be tightened to stay flat when the pack is carried as a tote on public transit or onto an elevator.


With his dreamy music, rising star Sekuoia has made severe impact in Denmark and beyond. We are big fans of Sekuoia's organic electronica and are thrilled to welcome him on board as contributor to our Muzak series. We got the chance to do the below Q&A with Sekuoia in conjunction with him doing a mix for us.

Wood Wood: Thanks for taking the time to create a mix for our Muzak series. It seams you have been very busy lately playing gigs alone or with the band. How does these two ways of performing live differ to you and do you prefer one of them?
Sekuoia: The two setups each have their strengths and weaknesses. I really enjoy playing with the band, as the tracks get a new dimension and become more dynamic. The thing I like about playing solo is the full control of the tracks, and the ability to fuck the tracks up, with no regards to any band. It becomes more of an improvisational set when it's solo.

Wood Wood: Knowing that you grew up in Detroit and Düsseldorf, how do you feel this has influenced your music?
Sekuoia: I think perhaps it has given me the taste for looking up what's happening in these cities's. Detroit has the techno, while Düsseldorf is lacking an inspirational music scene. The city next door, Cologne, has the coolest beat scene though!

Wood Wood: Your music seams to have a very dreamy vibe to it. What are the sources of inspiration to your music and how do you approach making music?
Sekuoia: I guess I as much as possible try to follow this stream of consciousness approach, where I pretty much try to create these moods I'm in.

Wood Wood: What is your own all-time favorite musical experienced?
Sekuoia: My best musical experience was a How to Dress Well concert. It was a very intense concert, where you really could feel Tom Krell as a person.

Wood Wood: What can we expect from you in the near future?
Sekuoia: Hopefully an album, and some collabs :)

Wood Wood: We are looking forward to that album. Thanks for the talk and for the mix.


The highly anticipated Nike + Riccardo Tisci Air Force 1 collection will release in Wood Wood Copenhagen Friday March 21st at opening hours.

Limited quantities.
First come, first served.

More info from Nike themselves here.


Coming Saturday March 15th we will release the special black Consortium edition of the EQT Running Support in Wood Wood Annex, Copenhagen and Aarhus at opening hours. Online sales starts at 00:01 CET.


Extravagant Japanese DJ and musician Mademoiselle Yulia styled in Wood Wood in the latest Highsnobiety photo editorial.


The third and final video made for the launch of the Clarks by Wood Wood Tawyer shoe has now released on Hypebeast. As the two previous videos, the [Gamma] video was made by director Anders Malmberg, who has previously made music videos for MØ, Rough Days For Diamond Trade and Choir of Young Believers. His work has been shown on various sites and is celebrated for its artistic qualities. We managed to catch Anders for a chat - check the Q&A below.

What is your approach to doing film and video?
I approach the work with an open mind, but with a clear idea on what kind of projects I want to work with, and what projects to avoid. The aesthetics of the individual project, or the spirit of the people behind it, really need to appeal to me. If I am invited to work with someone's music or brand, it's essential that I can relate to it. I want the project to resonate (to some extent) with my personal values or aesthetic beliefs, because working with film can potentially create beautiful social and individual experiences, which to me is all about discovering new things about each other, the time we live in, and the film medium itself.

You seem to have a very clear visual aesthetic and style. How would you describe this yourself?
My focus is essentially photographic, but as a former art student, my interest and creative idiosyncrasies comes from studying many different aspects, and methods within the mediums of visual art. I am particularly inspired by the aesthetics of painting, and I am continuously interested in developing a cinematic expression, that aims to translate the qualities of the canvas, to the narrative of the time based film. I work with a poetic visuality, and a simple, precise, and unsentimental editing style.

Do you have any projects coming up in the near future?
I have a few things in the pipeline, both independent and commercial projects. The independent project is an experimental film, based on extreme macro cinematography of textures from faded flowers. It´s all about creating images that have a painterly quality, very colorful, very landscape like. The commercial project is related to electronic music, that's all I can say about that for now, because it's a secret. It will launch in April.

Check all three videos on our Vimeo and stay tuned for the pre-launch of the shoe in all Wood Wood stores including the webstore Thursday March 6th before the global release on March 15th.