Vi håber at dig til en forfriskning når vi fejrer åbningen af Wood Wood's pige shop-in-shop i Magasin.

Musik leveres af Djuna Barnes og Anika Lori.

Torsdag d. 4. september fra kl. 17-20.

Wood Wood pige shop-in-shop
Magasin, Kgs. Nytorv, 2. sal

Tak til Absolut, Egekilde og COVER.


Back on the scene for the first time since its 1993 release, adidas Originals completes the return of the Equipment Series with the EQT Guidance model.

A champion of the 90s footwear aesthetic with its aggressive lines and angles, the EQT Guidance shoe’s fierce style was complimented by its lightweight and streamlined silhouette to create a contemporary classic of adidas footwear.

In terms of tech it’s true to the core, complete with the shoe’s wraparound tongue, footwrap 3-stripes mark and signature mesh vamp panels in the forefoot for additional support.

Releases at opening hours in Wood Wood Copenhagen Saturday August 23rd.


Asics has once again teamed up with UBIQ and have this time created a GT-COOL featuring a premium olive upper with reflective 3M accents.

Launches in W.W. Copenhagen Saturday August 16th.


It is with great pride and honour that we present Muzak 34 from Demdike Stare. Demdike Stare is the moniker of Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty both hailing from Manchester. Having released a number of albums and Ep's since 2010 on the iconic British label Modern Love, Demdike Stare are celebrated for their experimental music, focused on and inspired by such subjects as the Occult, Musicology and the darker sides of life.

The mixes from the Manchester duo are in high demand and extremely sought-after due to the tremendous research Demdike Stare put into compiling them. Often containing forgotten music brought back to light, Miles and Sean's comprehensive musical knowledge is evident in their contribution to the Muzak series that truly is one we have been looking forward to present.

We managed to catch Miles Whittaker for a talk about the work of Demdike Stare to coincide with the release of their contribution to the Wood Wood Muzak series. Read the Q&A below.

Thanks for taking the time to create a mix for our Muzak series.
You mentioned that mixtapes are of great importance to you and Sean, and is something that you really enjoy doing. To some degree your own music as Demdike Stare reflects the style and anatomy of mixtapes in the way you bring in various elements and genres to your music, making it difficult to genre define your releases. What are your thoughts on this. 

It's true, we hope to blur the line between genres, as most of the music that inspires us comes from certain records that are within a genre, but can be construed as coming from, or being influenced by somewhere else. It seems to us that what we look for most is hybrid music. With us delivering a mixtape is just an example of inspiration at it's purest form, which transcends such limiting factors as genre's. This becomes evident with our music that we release that's a microcosm of that idea, we try and be…colourful when releasing music, and also to throw off any restraints that comes with labelling, or expectations. In a nutshell this process is best described as evolution through research.

What musical influences do you and Sean have and how do they match and collide?

Well, now it's literally everything! Though again, we come to certain records that stand outside of their own era's and genre's, the ones that capture our ears most. There are also certain records that we both adhere to fully, but our musical origins are markedly different. Sean started mainly with Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul and Funk, and myself with the early electronic dance, or rave scene, Techno, House, Jungle, and so on. The crossover points where we collided came from without and within these areas, Stoner Rock, Modal Jazz, early (50's 60's 70's) electronic records and the obsessive world of Library Music, were the pivotal areas that brought us together, and they still are in many respects. It could be seen as slightly ironic that none of these fields are closely associated with our sound, except possibly Library music, but that's kind of how inspiration works.

Your name Demdike Stare refers to the famous famous witch Elizabeth Southerns, aka Demdike and you have mentioned the occult at an inspiration for you music. Can you elaborate on the theme.

The Occult, or we should say Esotericism, is one of the themes for the atmosphere of our first releases, and part of the kernel of our identity as a unit, but is not such a heavy inspiration that it outweighs any others. The fields of Science, Sociology, Philosophy, Art and Literature also play a part for us, alongside Music of course. Sean originally came up with the name, as it's relevant to our origins, as we come from the area of the Pendle Witches (of which Mother Demdike was one), and we grew up with that story, and the associations that come with it, so it seemed fitting to us, and it also carries the intent we wanted for a name.

You seem to be releasing cassettes, EP's and albums at a tremendous speed at the time being. Can you share any information on what you are working on at the moment?

We're continuing with our Test Pressing series this year, which is exactly that, each record is a test of some form or another. It's also been liberating, not working within an album structure. We're continually making mixes, as we're continuously inspired by finding new records, and the mixes are a by-product of this music research. Our whole raison d'etre is to keep feeding the hunger for new music, or at least music that's new to us. It's a quite simple Modus Operandi, if we're listening to music, and making mixes, we're also writing music alongside that. Everything's connected.

Tonight Demdike Stare are performing at Cisterne in Copenhagen as part of the Strøm Festival.

Warm up for the concert with the mix from the duo here.


Make sure to check the complete WWAW014 Heroes lookook here. Shop the collection here.


Tabula Rasa is the first New York and Copenhagen based publication to explore the possibilities of fashion photography as an independent and advertisement free medium. For Volume I, each of the 18 photographers, all with diverse backgrounds, concepts, and styles, created an exclusive series based on the overarching theme Identity.

Bridging the gap between magazine and art book, Tabula Rasa speaks to the independent reader who appreciates challenging imagery when seeking inspiration. Like its Latin title, the magazine serves as a blank slate, operating outside a producer-consumer relationship, stripped of advertisements and constraints based on current trends or seasons.

Tabula Rasa is sold exclusively in Denmark in Wood Wood Copenhagen and is available now.


Tomorrow Thursday July 17th we will release the Air Force 1 Low and Air Force 1 Mid from the Nike + Riccardo Tisci Air Force 1 Collection in Wood Wood Copenhagen.

Available from size US 8-12.

First come, first served.


In celebration of the World Cup, Nike has released the Brazil Pack featuring two separate designs each inspired by the country’s biggest cities.

Outfitted in a textured jacquard featuring bright and natural colors that recall the wildlife found in the city by the sea, we will launch the Lunar Force 1 Mid and the Air Max 97 from the colorful Rio pack.

Inspired by Sao Paulo’s cobblestone sidewalks, we will release the Lunar Force 1 Mid and Zoom Blazer Hi in the monochromatic grey and white design.

Releasing in W.W. Copenhagen tomorrow Saturday June 28th when the shop opens at 10:30.


Originally released in 1979, the CT300 was one of the first ever tennis specific shoes produced by New Balance, and for Summer 2014 this classic style is back, hand-crafted from premium materials at New Balance’s Flimby, UK factory.

New Balance collaborated with select premium retailers and today we release Berlin's Firmament Pine Sunset model in W.W. Copenhagen.


Our AA Fishers hat is now available in W.W. Copenhagen and online in Dark Navy and the Eggnog colourway made exclusively for Wood Wood stores.

Pictures by Le 21ème.